Customer Service

Kold Katcher Inc. and its affiliates work to provide cost effective solutions to freeze prevention at remote oil and gas well site locations where power is unavailable or uneconomic. These stand alone systems are rapidly becoming accepted as the industry standard in well site design.

Our service providers can offer unmatched installation services, technical expertise, and a wide range of instrumentation and electrical support.

We take pride in ensuring product arrives on time, on schedule, and on budget. We know your construction team depends on this in order for timely handover to production.

Pump Exchange Program

The Kold Katcher pump exchange program is designed to provide our customers with a fast and convenient method of replacing their defective pumps. We understand that putting your efficiency on hold while a pump is being repaired is not an option. Accordingly, this exchange program will allow you to maintain the efficiency that you have grown accustomed to. Kold Katcher recommends servicing the pump prior to winter operations to ensure optimum performance during severe weather cycles.


  • Fast maintenance
  • Controlled environment
  • Fixed rate vs repaired price
  • Sound environmental practices

The exchange program is an alternative to in-field repairs. It ensures a fast delivery of replacement parts, at a fixed price. This is essential to prevent a breakdown resulting in the well site being out of service. The pumps in the exchange program have been reconditioned; all pumps have been dismantled, worn parts replaced and the housing inspected for defects. After assembly the pump is test run at the operating pressure to ensure guaranteed function and capacity.

Exchange Program Procedure

When an exchange pump is ordered, a reconditioned pump is sent out immediately and will arrive to the customer for installation. The customer then returns their old pump to Kold Katcher for repair within 30 days of placing the order. This ensures that the number of reconditioned pumps in the program is sustained. If the old pump is not received within 30 days, Kold Katcher will invoice a fee corresponding to the price difference between the new pump and the reconditioned one. To utilize the exchange program the returned pump must be in serviceable condition. If not the customer will be informed and invoiced the price of a new pump. When ordering an exchange pump please include:

  • Customers full name
  • Complete shipping & billing address

Simply fill out this shipping-label online at, print and attach it to your used pump that you are returning for rebuild. Once received our service department will inspect the pump, rebuild, test and ensure a timely return. It’s that easy!